April 2010


I have a way of picking my next book:  I count how many there are, making sure that a series counts as one, and then say to Andy, “Pick a number between 1 and 5 (or 7, or 10), including 1 and 5 (or 7, 0r 10).”  He picks, and that’s the one I read.

He needs to stop picking 2, which has led me back to Rick Bragg perhaps a bit earlier than I would like.  We’re going to make a game go at Ava’s Man regardless.


So, I’ve been reading.  I still have some of the same issues with Bragg, but I’ve got to admit — the man has a wonderful way of putting the most interesting of scenes in your head.  He’s an extremely descriptive writer, and I am choosing to put aside some of my difficulties with some of his word choices and motivations to revel in the pictures he can give me.

I am 58% done, which is better than the about 10% I was yesterday.  I think I might do that, to keep myself on pace; a percentage is so much more approachable to me than page counts are.


Couldn’t sleep past three-thirty or so this morning, so finished up Ava’s Man and wrote the review.  Better than All Over but the Shoutin’, but I’m not sure if you can really appreciate it fully without having read the first book.  Probably should have talked about that in my review.  Oh, well.  I’m too lazy at the moment to alter it, and also feel that big changes (other than clarifying one particular sentence or a misspelling) are a little dishonest.

Ah, hell.  I’m going to be dishonest.


I’ve not been reading.  Who knows why?  I’m probably stressed over starting my new job next week.  Plus, ten-hour day yesterday.  Boo!

Update:  Gah!  Why do I go on a run of not reading, then talk about it here, and then read and read and read and get the frickin’ book done?  That’s so irritating.

Anyway, I need Andy to awaken from his mid-afternoon slumber to give me a number between one and five.  Wait — will someone in the Twitterverse or Facebook provide me with one?


Why do I have this issue?  I start a book, think it’s good, but don’t read past the first couple of pages for a couple of days.  Why?


So I neglected this book for a couple of days, and finally started it again last Friday.  It’s not a bad book, but the first chapter is incredible compared to the rest of it.  He introduced people pretty fast, so I’ve been having to play catch-up, it feels.  Maybe it’s just that I don’t read mysteries all that often, and this is a common literary device.  I don’t know.


I got quite a bit read yesterday.  I read on my break, I read while waiting for a doctor, I read while waiting for my blood to be drawn, and I read while biking at the Y.  (This is why I love biking.)  About 100 pages read in one day.  I was proud of it.

Pages read: 232
Percent done: 59.2%


First of all, your taxes are due.  Go turn them in.

Okay.  I’ve been plugging right along.  I read during my lunch break and also a little bit while waiting for the doctor yesterday.  I am so sick of appointments after work.  Today will be my first day without them, but Andy and I are going to a movie this afternoon.  I’m just about ready to lay down and surrender, but I don’t think that’s really an option.

Anyway, the book is pretty good.  I’m thinking I’ll probably finish it this weekend.  Yay!

Pages read:  250
Percent done: 63.8%


Zoomed through the last of The Dogs of Rome and read all of Critical Care within a day.  Woo!  Two reviews within a two-day span!


Gah!  Finished The Castle of Llyr yesterday.  Will be starting The Prince of Frogtown soon, which means I will be free of Rick Bragg in the future, which feels pretty good.

Also, I should update this more often.  On the other hand, it’s supposed to be a reading diary, not something that’s necessary.  So maybe I don’t.  But I feel guilty for ignoring it.  Then again, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t feel guilty.  That’s just how I am.  So maybe I should work on not feeling guilty, rather than letting the guilt force me to write more often here.


Still working on The Prince of Frogtown.  I honestly think this is Bragg’s best out of the three books I’ve read.  It’s forced him to take a look at a man he really didn’t know, and causes him to reflect on how to be a father.  Very good.


Getting through The Prince of Frogtown.  I think I’ll be done in another couple of days, so that’s good.  It does, unfortunately, mean that I’m going to only have the last three Chronicles of Prydain series left, and I don’t like to read series all together.  So a trip to the library is going to be necessary after the next book.  Yay!  Library!


I’ve started Taran Wanderer.  It’s sadder than the first three books.  I like it, though — it shows that Taran has grown up a lot, and is on his way to being a remarkable man.

Also, went to the library today with Andy and got three books:  The Chocolate War, Year of Wonders, and Moses: A Life.  A classic young adult novel, a piece of historical fiction, and a biography/history book about … Moses, I’m guessing.  It’s by Jonathan Kirsch, the same guy who wrote The Harlot By the Side of the Road, so I’m thinking it’s good.  I’m taking a leap of faith, here.

Pages done:  96
Percent done:  44.0%


I got a little farther in Taran Wanderer today.  The change in Taran has become much more noticeable between this book and the last one than there was among the first three.  Interesting.