April 2011


So, the observant visitor might notice that I’ve given up The Skull Mantra in favor of The Well of Lost Plots.  The very observant visitor might also notice that I removed the other Eliot Pattison book from my “On Deck” list.  I tried The Skull Mantra, and I just couldn’t get into it.  The good news is: I get to start on a book that I’m very much interested in, I get to remove a bunch of books from my big list of stuff to read (Pattison has a whole series there), and I’m getting a lot closer to being able to use my library again, because I only have two purchased books left after I finish The Well of Lost Plots.  Yay for unexpected good things!


Holy moly, what a gap in posting.  Andy and I got a puppy a couple of weeks ago, hence the gaps in my reading and posting.  I’ve found a way of making it work, though — he’ll sleep next to me on the couch before work, and I can type away without having to worry about the house breaking and him chewing on everything available to him on the floor.  So, I’m not dead, just dogged.


I’m actually pretty proud of myself.  I’m finding time to read, and I’ve got a deal with Wally — let me do my reviews, and you get to sleep next to me on the couch.  Don’t let me do my reviews, and you get put (gently and lovingly) on the floor.

Right now I’m reading Summer Knight, but I’ve only finished the first chapter.  Andy is working on the previous Dresden Files book, Grave Peril, and I know he’ll soon outstrip me.  Instead of him avoiding my reviews of the series’ books, he’ll be the first one to read them.

He’s also started the Dark Tower series, but I don’t think he’s gotten very far in that.  After the first couple of pages, he said, “It starts off weird.”  Well, I told him it wasn’t like The Green Mile, which is the only other Stephen King book he’s read.  Maybe I should have him start off with The Stand.  It may be long, but it gets a little closer to the mood of the Dark Tower series.  Of course, I liked Insomnia, so what do I know about Stephen King?