August 2010


Getting closer to the end of The Woman in White!  It’s very good.  I’m looking forward to the review.  Perhaps Wilkie Collins is a new favorite author.


Okay.  The book is so good.  It’s an awesome mystery that’s gone places I never expected.  Probably another couple of days, and it’ll be done, and then I’ll write the review and be sad that I won’t have my computer to write it on, since there’s no Internet access up at the cottage.  That sucks!  I guess I could take my butt into town and write at that cafe.  I think they have internet access.  Yes, let’s do that.


I finished The Woman in White.  On to Packing for Mars.  I started it just a little bit yesterday.  I really like Mary Roach.  I’ve read articles by her, and I read Stiff a couple of years ago, which was pretty awesome.  I was stoked to get it as an Advanced Reader’s Copy.  They’ve given me books by people I really like only twice — this one, and The Pluto Files by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is, in my opinion, the hottest astrophysicist in the world.  I’d hug him if I met him.  He’s just super.  He took Carl Sagan’s place with bringing physical science to the masses, and does it in a more approachable way than Stephen Hawking does.  In my opinion.


About halfway through Packing for Mars.  As predicted, funny and informative.  I like Mary Roach.

Also, was on vacation and gained some weight.  Will be exercising more, and, thus, hopefully reading more.

Pray for me.


Still working on Packing for Mars.  I do believe I’ve just started the chapter on sex in space, so that’s exciting.


Started The Marriage Bureau for Rich People yesterday.  About 80 pages in or so.  I’m not expecting it to get all deep, but it should be entertaining.


Working on Synaptic Self.  I really enjoy the science books, especially those in the biology fields.

Speaking of brains, mine’s going nuts right now.  Going to have to call someone about that soon.


I’m thinking that this book is not what I expected.  I knew I would get neuroscience, but I also thought I would get it with a little less jargon.  Not a fantastic way to introduce people to the idea of the self being created by how neurons interact.


Thinking I picked up Synaptic Self about seven years too late.  So much of this has been presented in more approachable ways now that I’m not sure the book is hugely relevant any more.


I think I might be a bad person.  I love that Andy is reading again.  I’m perfectly fine with him reading in a big block of time (or a little block of time).  That’s what dedicated reading time is for.  What I don’t like is, when we’re watching TV, he reads during the commercial breaks.  I want some time when I can talk to him without feeling I’m interrupting.  But he’s reading, so I feel bad for feeling that way.

Also, not going to read Generations.  I perused it, and decided no.  It goes back to the mother.  So, yay for Ray Bradbury up next!  Dandelion Wine, I remember, is supposed to be creepy.  I am remembering this from Danse Macabre by Stephen King, which I read twelve years ago, when I was fourteen.  But I trust my memory, and am thus excited!


Dandelion Wine.  That is all I’m going to say.  I’m planning on sitting down here in a couple of minutes and finishing it.  Quite possibly one of the best books I’ve read in my life.  And I’ve read some good books.


Working on Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes.  There’s not much more to say than that it’s Stephen Jay Gould and, although it’s almost thirty years old, it’s still a collection of awesome popular science.  Really enjoyable.


Oh, dear.  Gould covered Piltdown man and a bunch of educational censorship.  Awesomeness.