December 2010


What is it with me and keeping this up to date?  I have no idea.  This is what’s gone on recently:  my patience threshold has lowered.  I didn’t like David Sedaris’ book of animal stories, so I dumped it.  I also couldn’t continue with Wade of Aquitaine; I stuck with it through its mediocre writing until he kept calling a mare a “he”.  Mares do not have penises.  I can’t sit through that.  I’d rather read — and write about — something that has at least been through some sort of editing process.

So, now I’m on to Nathaniel’s Nutmeg, which sounds like the title of a dirty movie, but is really about the history of the Spice Race.  This is different from the Space Race, in that NASA did not bring back tasty morsels from space.  Anyway, it’s pretty good, and obviously painstakingly researched.  It also made a guy at the gym flirt with me, so there’s that.  (In case you don’t know, I’m a dork, and thus don’t get flirted with.)  I tried to subtly wave my left hand in front of him, and then ran into the women’s locker room.


I’m pretty close to being done with my current book, Cocaine’s Son.  I would be a lot closer, but one of the Y managers came over and talked to me for, like, fifteen minutes today while I was biking.  I think he was making sure I wasn’t killing myself — I sweat a lot, but I can still carry on a conversation, thanks.


Today, I reached a milestone.  I have record that I’ve read seventy-five books this year.  My guess is that I will finish around seventy-seven, thus falling short of a nice round number like eighty.  I am proud of myself.  I spent so much time last year playing WoW and becoming involved in the drama with our guild, plus working a job that left me so exhausted that I didn’t feel like working my mind or my body on my days off, that I just didn’t feel like I could read.  Also, Andy was not at a good point in his life (other than me, he reminds me), so when I had free time, I wanted to spend it with him.

Anyway, I reached a goal for my reading, which makes me happy.  Yay!


I started Water for Elephants today.  I’m about halfway through, which impresses me, since that’s about 150 pages.  It’s pretty good.


Water for Elephants was an easy read.  Right now I’m working on Descartes’ Baby.  I got it through MeL, and they stuck the label right over the baby feet.  I didn’t know they were there until I looked at the Amazon cover.  Funny.

I’ve started doing a quote of the day.  My hope is that it will encourage me to write here, in my reading journal, a little more often.  I think my reviews suffer if I don’t at least have the option of getting some of my original impressions down once in a while.


I forgot my book today when I left for the gym.  I can see it in my mind’s eye now, sitting forlornly on the couch, waiting for me to come home and pick it up again.  I, in turn, missed it, since it meant that I had to read an old National Geographic.

I have my doubts about it, though.  It seems to me that Descartes’ Baby is telling some interesting stuff, but not shocking.  Kids are more likely to believe in the supernatural.  Really?  How surprising; children normally have no imagination.  I’m pretty sure Bloom’s point is that these things are built into who we are, but that’s not really all that surprising to me.


So, I’m not really sure that Descartes’ Baby lives up to its title.  I’ll just leave it there.


Surprise!  Finished Descartes’ Baby yesterday.  Started Screw today.  That sounds dirty.

Anyway, the actual book is about a man who, after volunteering at a psych ward as part of his undergrad studies, decides to figure out what’s going on with the institution.  There are some really shitty things that happen to patients in there.  This is, by the way, a nonfiction book.  It makes me sad to realize how horribly people with mental illness have been treated.


So, here we are.  The year is at its last day.  I have managed to read 78 books this year, with over 26,000 pages having passed by my eyes.  I’ll probably start another book today yet, but it makes me happy to realize that my brain has been active this past year.  Now, onto having Christmas with my parents a week late and making baked apples!  Good-bye, 2010!  Hello, 2011!