March 2010


Taking some time off.  Enjoying it by watching mindless television.  Also, I’ve been thinking — I should keep this as a short reading journal.  No more deleting after I’m done with a book.

Next up: I, Robot.  Don’t laugh, it’s been on my list for years.  I was the weird girl reading the Foundation series (dear God, how boring they turned out to be, for the most part).  Here’s hoping that the robot series is better.

Random trivia:  the word “robot” was invented by a Czech writer?  I dig it.  It means compulsory labor, and reminds me of the Jewish folklore character of the golem, an animate servant created from inanimate components.  Oddly enough, the most famous story about a golem takes place in Prague, in the now Czech Republic.  Must be something about the Czech culture in general that makes people think about a servant made by man.

Of course, these are the same people who threw their ruler out of a window.  We’re all kooks, but that’s a special kind of kookiness.


Started I, Robot.  I’m a very, very small way into it.  Real life keeps interrupting — work, boyfriend, television.  You know, the important stuff.  But I’m sure I’ll like it, if for no other reason than the same that keeps me from forgetting that I dislike Heinlein and picking out one of his books to read: the weirdly unbalanced way men and women work in their fictional worlds.  Somehow neither thought about a growing equality of the sexes, and both, for the most part, left it out in fundamental ways in a lot of their work.

I should shut up; that could end up in a review.  This isn’t the place for reviews!


So, I slept for twelve hours last night.  Totally missed the Oscars.  So angry!

Also didn’t read all that much, so have to read tonight after watching Bridezillas.  Yes, we’re weird and like watching women flip out over nonsense.  What we’ve noticed:

  • women who say they’re a bitch with pride indicates that they’re really big bitches who don’t regret the behavior
  • a lot of women are willing to bankrupt themselves and their husbands for a fantasy day that is ephemeral
  • people are delusional when they say they’re the most beautiful woman in the world (and are usually very far from any sort of idealized form of beauty)


I actually have gotten some reading done today.  Some great ideas have come to mind to talk about regarding the short stories here.  I’m looking forward to the review process.

In other, related, news, I find I have to keep a notebook nearby in order to write stuff down as they come to me.  Otherwise they wander off, and who knows if they’ll come back?  Besides, writing in a notebook makes me mysterious … too bad the only one who sees me do it on a regular basis is my boyfriend, who finds me not mysterious at all.

Or mostly not mysterious.  Whatever.


Making progress.  Sixty pages from the end, which is, oh, between 3/4 and 4/5 of the way through.  The boyfriend’s dentist appointment helped out.  Got a story and a half done that way, so, awesome.

Update:  done with I, Robot!  Review up, happy day!

Started The Noonday Demon while at the dentist’s.


I’ve gotten nowhere.  I liked the introduction, but need some sit time to get into it, and I haven’t really had much.


I’m through about a chapter and a half.  At first, I was thinking that he was going to go all spiritual-frou-frou on me, but now that he’s into his own experience, it’s much better.


Now that I’ve been chided by both Dr. T and Andy, I am no longer allowed to read The Noonday Demon.  I don’t know what I’m going to read next; the book I kind-of started yesterday seems like it might be kinda hokey.  I’m going to be GGG with it, though.  GGG is my personal philosophy, stolen from Dan Savage, who is wiser than just being a wise ass.


I’m going, I’m going, no matter how slowly.  I’m about 50 pages into All Over but the Shoutin’, and I’m getting to like it.  Once you get beyond some of, what is to me, hokey colloquialisms in Bragg’s writing, it’s actually a very thoughtful and reflective memoir of young life in rural Georgia-Alabama.

Also, received two ARC books from the same publisher, and still am not quite sure how that happened.  I was only supposed to get one, but both are on the list for February.  I suspect one of these things happened: 1) LibraryThing fucked up and sent my info for two books; 2) Bloomsbury fucked up and sent copies of both books to one of the lists they were given; 3) I’ve reviewed something of theirs in the past and they like me, they really like me.  Probably one of the first two.


Okay, liking All Over but the Shoutin’.


Still working on All Over but the Shoutin’, and I think I’m going to end up thinking it’s okay.  Not spectacular or anything, but okay.  Andy went to sleep around nine last night, so I was able to lay in bed and read for about two hours before I felt sleepy.  He likes to do that and then get up around midnight, and have fun sleeping for two-hour stretches.  It’s not healthy, but it allowed me to be selfish and read for a while.

Update:  finished it!  Review up!  Free of the South and all its stereotypes for the night!  Yay!


Began Cro-Magnon yesterday while waiting for my CT scan.  Have gotten through a couple of chapters.  I’m liking it so far, other than I think the author (or editor — someone’s to blame here) has left a meandering quality to the text.  I like the content and understand it, but I fear my understanding of it is because I’ve had a course in physical anthropology and thus have had a lot on the topic.  Some of it might get lost by a reader new to the topic.

Whoa.  Let’s wait to see how the rest of the book turns out.


I’m going to be totally off-topic here, so feel free to skip this part if you don’t want to read about my personal life.

I’m waiting for you to go.

Are you gone?

Okay.  I recently got a new job, and will be starting in a couple of weeks.  (I hate the process of giving notice and then continuing work, but what else is there to do?)  My boyfriend has been looking forever for a position, but he’s in a field where there’s limited positions — archives and museum administration, really.  He doesn’t have his MLS, which makes it very difficult, indeed.

But there is a position.  In Boston.  At the JFK presidential library.  For a tech position that he is insanely qualified for.  Please, please, please.  It just got posted, and he’s not even awake yet (it’s 5:15 am).  But he’s been so discouraged, I want to go in to wake him up and say, “Hey!  I know you haven’t gotten interviews for any of the eight jobs you’ve applied for in the last couple of months, but try this one!  You can hit it out of the park, my man!”

You can come back now, if you wanted to know about my reading progress. It’s safe.

I’ve gotten partly through the third chapter, which is getting better.  He’s actually giving information about archaeological finds and how they inform us about other human species, plus providing us with the historical context.  Super cool.

Also, I’ve figured out that I like poetry with a lot of description.  Just an FYI.


Gah!  I haven’t been reading!  I don’t know why, because I like the book well enough.  Maybe I just need to find some sit time and actually use it for reading.


I’ve gotten a bit more done in my book.  It’s really pretty good, and I don’t know why it’s taking me forever to get through it.

On an unrelated note, Andy’s PS2 stopped working in the middle of us watching Hurt Locker.  Not cool.  We’re going to grab mine on Saturday from the house.  We’re poor and don’t have a DVD player — but aPS2 will play games, too.  (Well, if you like  ten-year-old games, anyway.)


Last day of the month, last pages of the book.  Done and done and done and done!  Review up, night off.