May 2011


I’m working on a four-book set squished into one.  It’s good; it’s based on Welsh mythology and was inspiration for the Black Cauldron series.  It’s just taking a while, since it totals over 700 pages, and I didn’t bike for a couple of days because I fell asleep with the dog on the couch and missed my alarm (or ignored it, whatever you want to call it).  So, working on that, and it’s good.

Also, I won Michael Shermer’s new book through Early Reviewers, so that’s super-exciting!  I can’t wait for it!


My fiancé is so thoughtful.  I asked him to pick up my books from the library, and he did!  I’ve got one nonfiction in there, and three fiction ones, including The Hunger Games, which I’ve been waiting a couple of months for — and there’s a long line behind me.  I was thinking I’d do Shermer’s book first, but I think The Hunger Games will have to be read first; otherwise, I’d have to turn it back in and join the end of the line of around thirty requests.


Okay, so I’ve had a bit of a break in my reading.  I’ve gotten sick, and not in the “I can lay back and read until I feel better” way.  There was too much coughing for that.  Plus, a trip to the hospital.  I can only hope to be on my feet soon.