October 2010


Almost done with The Curse of Chalion.  I like it a lot.  It’s just what I’ve needed, after reading a bunch of nonfiction and ARC fiction.  Something by someone who is talented (not that other authors recently read haven’t been talented) and is put together so wonderfully seamlessly is wonderful.


Sorry that it took me a week to read Who’s Afraid of Beowulf? I’ve been sick, and reading gave me a headache.  It was not awesome.  I finally finished it yesterday, and am now on to the first book of the Dresden files, Storm Front.  Pretty good so far.

What is it with me and liking books that come in series?  Other than being an überdork, I have no explanation for it.  It makes things more difficult, because it means that as soon as I take books down off the massive to-read list, stuff goes straight back up.  Well, if I liked the first book, that is.  Which I overwhelmingly do.  I’m on the fourteenth book of the DiscWorld series, for Pete’s sake.  I’m a loyal reader if I like you.


I’m whizzing right through Cutting for Stone.  I read over three hundred pages yesterday.  It’s a totally engrossing story.  I want to know what happens!

Surprisingly, for a book that’s around 650 pages, it doesn’t feel like Verghese is using filler.  The story, unlike New York: The Novel, feels like it needs all he’s giving us.  Which is awesome.  I like reading something that actually was well-crafted and well-planned.


So, I finished Cutting for Stone and am on to You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know, a nonfiction book about … well, it’s a memoir about a screwed-up family and also about the author’s problems with facial recognition.  I’m about a third of the way through with it, and I’m not really sure where the author, Heather Sellers, is going with it.


I was at the gym on Tuesday (don’t laugh — it takes work to maintain this doughy body) and finished You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know and started Behold the Man.  By god, that was awful.  I got about seventy pages into it, decided it was crap, and abandoned it.  I biked for twenty minutes without reading material rather than reading it.  It was that bad.  Icky.  So, now I’m reading Fool Moon by Jim Butcher, the second book of the Dresden Files series.  Werewolves … growl!


Let me say that I’m glad to be done with Towing Jehovah.  Ick.  Let me also say that I’m excited about On a Pale Horse.  I’ve read the first chapter plus a little, and it’s good so far.  Yay!