About Libwen

A Michigander for most of her life, Libwen spent her formative years in Kalamazoo (yes, there really is one).  She attended Michigan State University, earning a B.A. in Geography with a specialization in Geographic Information Systems and an informal specialization in Cartography.  A member of the Honors College there, she graduated in 2005 with a straight 4.0, one of only seven people to do so that semester.

She is a member of the Beta Chi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, and was honored by the chapter in 2003 with the John D. Hunter award, and again in 2005 as Undergraduate Geographer of the Year.

She attended University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a degree in Library and Information Studies.  She is not yet finished with the degree.

She currently works at Kalamazoo Valley Community College as a Student Services Assistant and at Western Michigan University as an Office Associate.